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All participants of the ETDS can attend the Open tournament as long as they are not registered for the Breitensport tournament of the referring section (see also Open-/Breitensport-rule §6). Only in case the number of registered male / female dancers for the Open tournament does not match, it is allowed that participants of the Breitensport tournament fill up missing gender partners of the Open tournament.


Registration for "real" open participants will close on Friday evening 22.00 for Open Latin and Saturday evening, end of Breitensport ballroom tournaments (approx. 19.00) for Open Ballroom. Participants of the Breitensport tournament who want to fill up missing gender partners can register on Friday evening until 24.00 for Open Latin and Saturday evening 22.00 for Open Standard. Details will be announced by the tournament office. Registration during ETDS has only to be entered by usage of the "Open Registration" form available at the Info desk.

Open rules

In case the number of Breitensport participants filling up missing gender partner increases the number of available places, the Breitensport participants for the Open tournament will be drawn by lot. Example: 37 ladies and 31 gents are registered for the Open tournament. 8 Breitensport gents are registered to fill up missing partners. 6 of those 8 Breitensport gents will be drawn for the Open tournament.

Couple combination

Couple combination for the Open tournament will be drawn by lot. Drawing will be done immediately after qualification rounds of the Breitensport tournament of the referring day are finished. All participants for the Open tournament are requested to join the drawing latest 5 minutes after end of qualification round above the stairways in the entrance hall. Participants not joining the drawing will not be taken into account for the Open tournament.

To minimize height differences of dancing partners, all participants will be classified into 2-4 height classes (depending on the number of participants). Each gent will draw a lot of the referring height class of ladies. In case both partners belong to the same university, drawing has to be repeated. In case no further drawing is possible to combine partners of different universities, the tournament chairman can decide to either allow a couple of the same university to start or recombine already drawn couples.

Participants not having drawn a partner due to missing gender partners can unfortunately not attend the Open tournament. Couple combinations or recombinations after drawing are not allowed. Any change of partner combination without permission of the tournament chairman will cause a disqualification from the Open tournament.

Tournament execution

The Open tournament will be executed like an open tournament according to the rules of the German DTV TSO.


The Open tournament will take place in 3 or 4 rounds depending on the number of couples. Usually approx. half of the couples will be taken into the follow-up round. Rounds of the open tournament will be nested between the rounds of the Breitensport tournaments depending on the number of Breitensport rounds. Final rounds will always start with the final of the Open tournament. Depending on the concrete number of rounds it may be possible that the Open final will be immediately danced after the Open semi-final. In that case, an adequate break will be planned between the Open final and its semi-final.


- Slow Waltz / Tango / Quickstep (Ballroom) resp. Cha Cha / Rumba / Jive (Latin)
- from semi-final additionally: Viennese Waltz / Slowfox (Ballroom) resp. Samba / Paso Doble (Latin)
- Dances sequence according to German DTV TSO (SW/TG/VW/SF/QS Ballroom resp. SB/CC/RB/PD/JV Latin)

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