Tanzmaus evaluation

The dancers of one university represent one team for the Tanzmaus evaluation. A fusion of universities to one team is allowed, especially in case the minimum size of a team according to §2 is not achieved. Only the Breitensport tournament will be evaluated for the Tanzmaus evaluation. All following rules (e.g. for calculation of team sizes) only apply to participants of the Breitensport tournament..

Minimum size
A team consists of at least 8 dancers or 3 complete couples (couples where both partners are registered for this university or one of the team building universities) per discipline (ballroom/latin).

Maximum size of university fusions
The maximum size of a combined team of universitites is restricted by the number of registered starters of the largest team.

Individual scoring
Each dancer receives 1 point per beaten couple of the same class, 0.5 points per couple of the next lowest class and 0.25 points per couple of the second next lowest class.

Team scoring
The team score is determined by the sum of all individual scores divided by the number of these scores.

Tanzmaus evaluation
The team with the highest team score wins "Der Maus".

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Remark for fusions of universities for the Tanzmaus evaluation
Due to organizational reasons, fusions of universities as one team for the Tanzmaus evaluaton have to be reported to the tournament office latest after end of qualification round of the first tournament day (Saturday approx. 11.00).

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