Teatime or Themetime?
Pyjama or pajama?
Fashion or sleepingdress?

These questions all seem to indicate that the pyjama maybe is only
leading an existence in the twilight edges of the fashion world due to his
rather dubious character.
However, this will now come to an end: The people of Aachen are resolute to
rehabilitate this poor, misunderstood garment!

Hundreds of years  ago when it was imported to Europe, the Asian piece of clothing was still way to avant-garde for High Society (if one may so boldly accuse the upper class of traditionalism) and it could not establish itself in the wardrobe. Obviously, it simply was ahead of its time: Simply imagine someone would have tried to put sushi on the menu of those fine gentlemen and ladies: Raw fish - oh the outrage!

Much time has passed since those old days and in the time being many a new
garment has made its entrance into our living rooms just to be washed out by
the next wave of Fashion. The pyjama, however, has remained tied to our
bedsides, which only shows the love and devotion we show it!

This is exactly why we want to show it to the world, at least the world of

For if it was not so utterly comfortable and practical we would not wear it
in sleep, would we? Moreover, what could fit better to clothing you want
to wear after a long day of tournament dancing? Your pyjama, right!

Not only you can basically just jump into your new outfit for the party
and are ready in the flash of a second, you are also fit for bed in no
time when the party is over! The result: More time to dance and party!

Surely we could go on and on about all the advantages, risking however,
to get a little bit carried away, but we do not suppose it would be too bold
to say even now that the ETDS will set a milestone in the world of Dancing

It can be safely assumed that in the next Blackpool in all categories, only
pyjamas will be worn!

Thus, we are delighted how you will be the trendsetters for the most
universal and practical tournament garment and will be answering all the
open questions:
Are pyjamas combined with high heels too courageous? What do you wear
And how the deuce do you get those champagne stains out?

Author: Rüdiger

Unitanz Aachen


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